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This website is a labor of love for all women who are struggling with menopause symptoms…and refuse to just ‘give up’ on having a healthy and full life after the age of 40.

“The Content Here Was Written By A Real Person…”

I had a complete hysterectomy in my late 30’s and it was ‘total system shock’. Not wanting to use Premarin or other synthetic hormone treatments, researching natural menopause treatment options became a passion of mine.

Menopause Due to Surgery Is More Difficult

Menopause is certainly something that no woman can escape, and many women coast in and out of this phase without serious symptoms.

However, for others, menopause hormones have not treated us so kindly and we have been searching for relief from the moment of that first hot flash! If you have gone into sudden menopause due to surgery or illness — look out. Your symptoms will probably be more severe. (mine certainly were)

natural menopause treatment

>>Dr. Lee’s Book– What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause<<

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause

Since I first read Dr. John Lee’s book, ‘What Your Doctor May not Tell You About Menopause’, several years ago, I have been educating myself about hormone imbalances, natural hormone replacement and the numerous alternative health solutions for menopause.

natural menopause treatment
Natural Menopause Treatment

Studies made public by the Womens Health Institute (WHI) about the potential risks (many of them serious) of traditional HRT have fueled my passion to learn more and more about healthy alternatives.

I am not a medical professional but I am a dedicated researcher and natural women’s health advocate. My hope is that something here at will be beneficial. If you have experienced sudden menopause, due to illness or surgery, the body changes are fast and they can be confusing.

Please take the time to click around on the site; you will find well-researched articles, as well as pertinent videos, about natural menopause treatments and healthy solutions.